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Journal to the Self ® Workshops

The classic course, facilitated by Ruth Czirr

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NEXT JttS COURSES on Zoom in 2024
    April 17 thru May 22   -and-  June 23 thru July 28

Or click HERE to be notified when the next course is announced. 

The Introduction for Anyone

Ruth is a Certified Instructor for the Journal to the Self® Workshop -- a 12-hour course, spaced over six weeks, that teaches you how to use guided writing for personal growth, problem-solving, self-care, and creative expression.

eople as young as middle school and into their 90s have enjoyed this experience. During each Zoom you will write (or type, or braille - whatever works for you). But you don't need to "be a writer" - we use writing as a tool for work you are actively doing in the session.

Whatever you write is private - for your eyes only. You can ask questions, share tips, comment on your experience, r read something that has come out of your pen. But talking at all is an invitation, not an expectation. Most of each hour is your appointment to relax, focus, and reflect on what you're discovering and unpacking.


The workshop is about paying attention, trying out new perspectives, mining your memories, exploring many facets of your life - discovering what you didn't know you knew. You'll be surprised by what you're capable of as you write in your own comfortable space, following the prompts. The time goes quickly, and people often leave a session feeling relieved, energized, or less stressed.

If you're not sure whether this is for you, sit down for one of Ruth's two-hour sample events. Once you've had a taste of "your brain on ink," these descriptions will make more sense. Click here to register for the next 6-week course on Zoom. You can reserve your spot with a $50 deposit. Or sign up HERE to be contacted when new Journal to the Self® courses are scheduled.

Not What You Expect - and There's Magic in the Differences

Most of us were introduced to "journaling" with a blank book and very vague instructions. That often leads to frustration, disappointment, feeling overwhelmed, or getting stuck in a emotional loops. 

But here you'll try out a wide variety of techniques - tools for exploring any topic you choose. Your handbook contains all the reminders you'll need to use your tools again, even if you don't pick up your journal for months afterwards. This method doesn't require daily writing, and there's no homework between meetings.


You don't need a plan or a goal - just show up for each meeting. Bring your writing tools, your curiosity, and your life. Ruth will give you a prompt - everyone writes loosely and privately for a few minutes - then we shift our perspective with another prompt.

You're not writing for an audience - not working on a manuscript - not seeking feedback from others. This isn't a "support group" or a "process group," and there's no critique or counseling. You have the quiet support of other people who are keeping their own appointments to sit and focus - but they don't intrude on your work. 

Register now for the upcoming 6-week course on Zoom - you can reserve your spot with a $50 deposit. Or click here to be contacted when new Journal to the Self® courses are scheduled.

Private Groups, Retreats, Customized Themes

The course can also be concentrated into a weekend retreat or spaced in other ways. Use the form below to get more information. We offer private workshops for an organization, a church, or just a group of friends. This course requires 6 people who commit to attend, and can accommodate up to 12. We can also design a special Journal to the Self® series with prompts to help explore a theme. With a focused event you can move you toward greater clearness at the same time that you are learning the classic set of tools. Popular themes include life transitions and decisions - spirituality - medical challenges or caregiving - holidays and seasons - fresh starts - decluttering and downsizing - moving through grief - creative projects - professional development.

Consider an Affinity Group 

A workshop for people in the same profession or career can add even more richness to your journaling, and also help you discover more ways to use it in your work life. As a bonus, it can introduce you to like-minded colleagues or enrich ongoing relationships. A class built around a general field, but with members from a variety of speciality areas, organizations, denominations, etc., can provide a very unusual balance of confidentiality and collegiality. Contact Ruth to discuss an event for your members, staff, alumni, or board, or to help recruit a few colleagues for a private class series.

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