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Write with Ruth

Guided Journaling for Self-Directed Change
Facilitated by Ruth Czirr

2-Hour Single Classes
and a 6-Session Course

What Is Guided Journaling?

Quote from Carolyn Coman - "We write to find out what we didn't know we knew. We write to know deeper and truer. We write to connect the dots: a whole new constellation."

You don't need to "be a writer," you don't need to keep a diary, and you don't need to know what you're doing when you sit down. Many people think "journaling" means making a record of events or of how they made you feel. But with these methods, you are working and experiencing as you write (or as you type). These techniques use writing to bring you a CLICK of clarity or release, or a burst of creativity or humor. Over the last 60 years methods have been developed that will surprise you with their ease and usefulness. The best way to understand this power is to try a sample of the work for yourself. 

Ruth's methods protect your privacy. She gives instructions and tips; you choose what to write about, knowing there is no one evaluating your work and no pressure to "share with the group." Why do we work in a group setting, then? Many people find that writing seems easier when you have made an appointment to sit and focus, and when you have the quiet support of others who are also working. You have opportunities to comment on your experience, or to raise questions, but what you write belongs to you -- not even the facilitator needs to know your words or your topics.

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Guided journaling offers ways to make your writing safer and more productive. You learn how to use guardrails and containers for your work, and ways to soothe yourself when you are writing about painful or difficult things. As you get familiar with many techniques, you can choose the kinds of writing that works best for you in the moment. If you have a counselor or therapist, share this description with them. People often find that journaling is a natural support for their work in therapy or recovery. It's also a powerful tool for coping with difficult situations and people, and for professional development.

Ruth has been using journaling since the 1970s and teaching it since the 1980s. Her workshops draw on methods from many different teachers and researchers. Ruth offers writing events from an hour, to a day, to a course or weekend retreat.  She can tailor a program for your group (eg, students, caregivers, church workers, activists, people going through life transitions, a group of friends). You can get a taste of the methods at any of her short events before you commit to a course.

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About Journaling

Interested in a Journal to the Self®  Workshop?

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Ruth is a Certified Instructor for this comprehensive 12-hour course. Public and private workshops are offered over Zoom or in person. They can be scheduled in many ways - from a series of 2-hour meetings to an immersive retreat. People from teens to elders praise the experience - and people in many professions also find the tools and insights helpful in their work. For more information and to be notified of upcoming events, click HERE


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